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"Energie und Kosmos"

Die Medizin des 21. Jahrhunderts -
Grundlagen und Fortschritte der Energiemedizin
Edition Co'Med, Hochheim/Taunus, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-934672-30-7
350 Seiten 34,80 Euro

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Pages 10 - 13

Chaos, Rigidity, and Complexity and their Changes
Caused by Environmental Influences
Manfred Doepp

If more than 500 biological dates which were collected by means of a randomized procedure exist, a frequency distribution analysis is worthwhile. The dates can be derived from systems of the organism or can be produced by groups from sociological or psychological investigations. Groups’ behaviour forms an analogue to a human organism and the core beliefs and ideologies of groups resemble the subconscious autonomous systems of the organism.

We measure routinely the skin resistance values of the 12 classical meridians [9] (left and right = 24 dates/person) and we use the reactions to about 80 varying medicines as coincidence influence so that over 2.000 digital dates/person result. After that a frequency distribution analysis with an approximation of the distribution by a Chi square- and a Kolmogorov-Smirnov analysis is performed, both comparing with a log-normal = order (in figure 1, red) and a standard = Gaussian = chaos (green) curve [1, 5, 7, 10, 11].

We distinguish five typical results of the analysis [2]:

  1. chaos (coincidence)
  2. chaotic tendency (lability)
  3. Golden Cut (health)
  4. rigid tendency (order)
  5. rigidity (fixation)

The five groups correspond to typical abnormalities and to illnesses:

  1. Self-aggression, chronic fatigue-syndrome, and cancer (entodermal)
  2. Allergy and neurosis
  3. Health and regulation-unimportant illnesses like infections
  4. Strong stress, high tension, multiple sclerosis, and over-acidification
  5. Arterial sclerosis, M. Parkinson, endogenous depression, and anankasm

A Retrospective Evaluation
In our energy-diagnostic department we noticed in the last years cases with irrational stimulus-reaction-patterns and with a chaotic or rigid regulation state of the autonomous systems more frequently. We found a possible explanation in the Switching-phenomenon. In addition to former results a new cause came into the discussion, it is the electro-smog-exposure. We used three criteria in order to clarify the discoveries: A) a negative reaction to a pulsating magnetic field, B) a positive reaction to a brain synchronization procedure, and C) frequency distribution analysis models of skin resistance values. A retrospective evaluation about 4 years (435 patients) divided into 2 groups (2002/2003 vs. 2004/2005) was carried out, it found themselves 1) a discrepancy between results before and after the synchronization procedure B), and 2) a positive relationship between the criterion A) and a chaotic inclination in C). So the suspicion arises conc. an electro-smog-induced polarization of systems [3] inside the organisms in our population.

Concerning the term ‘synchronization procedure’: a massage of the own eye brows performed with crossed arms for about 40 seconds. It is able to resynchronize a ‘switched’ central nervous system.

Switching means that conscious and subconscious parts are no more associated but are working separately. The result is a ‘cool’ person with apparently normal intellect, however, no entry to the emotional parts of the brain. If such a person receives questions (by methods of the energetic and information medicine) the answers will be paradoxical. A similar and known situation is a dependency to an agent which harms the person. The agent may be an exposure to electromagnetic waves, too.

Which are further tendencies during the course of the last years? In the first years of these investigations (1998 to 2002) most persons showed a single distribution peak (figure 4), since then many persons have, however, 2 to 5 tops which refer to a fragmentation of the regulatory status.

In addition extremes are frequent now, more and more results are chaotic and/or rigid, the central peak of the Golden Cut becomes a rare result.

Theoretical Considerations
A person that is in harmony and with a normal health state shows a Golden Cut-Distribution. It is a dynamic equilibrium, which means that it moves itself between a chaotic and a rigid tendency, according to the life situation. If there is a requirement for a high performance, the adrenaline climbs and a log-normal distribution will turn out. If a rest is necessary and possible, the adrenaline declines and a Gaussian distribution tendency will result. A person with a distribution pattern like this is able to react on every demand in a moderate and adequate way. Concerning regulations and psychologically this person will not be either an anarchist or a fundamentalist.

The disadvantage of this harmony is, however, that hardly a mental evolution occurs firstly concerning the individual and secondly concerning the society. In the history of mankind and all nations harmonious times are exceptions, in reality often a pendulum oscillation can be described between the two extremes of chaos and of rigidity.

It seems that presently we are entering a phase of changes again. It corresponds to the physicists’ knowledge that life occurs at a laser threshold between entropy and neg-entropy which never means stability or even a safety [4, 6]. The non-linearity of a deterministic chaos as a characteristic of life in nature [8] seems to be predominant in our societies, too.

The developments in the last years were: an increasing negative effect of electromagnetic waves, an increasing positive effect of a brain synchronization procedure, and a chaos tendency in the distribution histograms combined with fragmentation and de-synchronization of the regulation systems. The three changes are correlated to each other. These effects seem to be produced by the no more continuously, but exponentially ascending technical electro-smog exposure. The environment of this world becomes cleaner concerning chemical agents, however, more polluted by waves and rays. All over the world the behaviour to use mobile phones regularly at the ears – close to the brain - has become the same. Wireless communications instead of the old telephones have become part of the normal way of life. This aspect may not be responsible for diseases like cancer, but produces an obvious change in the regulation abilities of the individuals.

Chaos and rigidity are not good or bad per se. In fact both have advantages. A chaos is creative, it allows modifications, it ends states of a pseudo-harmony. Rigidity admits to arrangement, it allows to concentrate onto special issues and tasks and to stabilize the society. The advantage of a further elongation of the pendulum is a higher rate in the evolution of the mankind, and is an acceleration of the mental evolution of the people. The complexity grows.

On the first view both, chaos and rigidity are enemies of a complexity, as it is combining tendencies and not extremes should be contained. After an era of slow and broken developments after the 2nd world war an acceleration, however, which is granted by fast and wide movements of the pendulum may take place. Also the globalization and the IT-revolution are important influences concerning that. The world has become a township and we are entering the steep phase of an evolutionary e-function. Stabile states are substituted by permanent and increasingly faster variations and developments.
If we accept this, the meaning of the results is important for the sociology, too. Maybe we must use a wider concept of complexity that implies the extremes that for example the anarchist as also the fundamentalist contains.

Our analysis results of patients from Central Europe represent individual conditions. In the statistical evaluation and over some years, however, they allow the discovery of certain developments in the European society. One reason for that seems to be the ascent of the exposure of our population on electromagnetic waves resulting in a chaos tendency in the central nervous system. This means an increased necessity towards a wider understanding of complexity including chaos, rigidity, and fragmentation. This kind of synthesis should be widely accepted in order to avoid conflicts and wars in the evolutionary (or revolutionary) time to come. The integration of extreme positions instead of fighting them will become a decisive task.

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"Medizin der Bergpredigt. Eine echte Ganzheitsmedizin. Die Sprache unserer Organe"
Dr. Manfred Doepp

Verlag: Haag & Herchen (März 2000)
ISBN-10: 3861379082

Die Medizin unserer Tage hat sich so weit sowohl von den Ursprüngen als auch vom Ziel entfernt, daß eine Rückbesinnung notwendig ist. Wo wäre im "christlichen Abendland" ein besserer Anker zu finden als im Wirken und in den Aussagen von Jesus, dem Christus, der auch ein großer Heiler war?
Leider wurde seine Botschaft so oft korrigiert, daß sie nur in den zentralen Aussagen richtig zu finden ist, also vor allem in der Bergpredigt. Da bevorzugt die spirituellen Aspekte wie etwa die Ihm selbstverständliche Lehre der Reinkarnation eliminiert wurden, sind diese übereinstimmend mit den Wahrheiten aller guten Esoterik zu berücksichtigen.
Daraus resultiert, daß die Wege zum Heil der Seele und zur Heilung des Körpers weitgehend übereinstimmen, insoweit beim Heilen weder Seele noch Körper manipuliert werden.
Als Ergebnis tritt eine neue Medizin in Erscheinung, die gleichzeitig die älteste Heilkunde der Menschheit ist und von allen großen Heilkundigen vertreten wurde. Sie kann nur eine echte Ganzheitsmedizin sein und beinhaltet die Sprache unserer Organe. Jedoch ist sie keine Barfußmedizin, sondern integriert die moderne Physik der Energie, Wellen und Quanten.

Der Autor über sein Buch
Synopse von Medizin- und Religionskritik, mit Alternative.
Dieses Buch bietet eine Zusammenschau: 1) eine Kritik der gegenwärtigen Medizin, 2) eine Kritik der gegenwärtigen christlichen Religionen, und 3) eine Alternative, basierend auf dem Sinn der Bergpredigt.
Die Medizin nähert sich dem Ende ihrer Sackgasse. Ebenso sind die Religionen nicht mehr in der Lage, glaubhafte Antworten auf die Fragen des Lebens zu geben. Beide sollten aber Sinngebung ermöglichen. Diese kann nur stattfinden über eine neue und gleichzeitig älteste Medizin und über die Essenz der Bibel, die Bergpredigt.

Eine sanfte und nicht-schädigende Medizin - jedoch die modernsten Erkenntnisse von Psychologie und Physik beinhaltend - ist eine Seite, die andere Seite derselben Medaille ist die Übereinkunft zwischen den Worten Jesu Christi und jeder guten Esoterik.